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Since 2013, we have been using our own vehicles to store, handle, and ship the materials of our business partners to locations across Turkey. 

Our experts at EKOM Group have developed original software programs that allow us to monitor and manage the entire process, both in the field and in our warehouses.


We offer a range of services including in-store activities, merchandising, POSM logistics, and software solutions, to help our business partners boost their market share and sales.

Within the EKOM Group, there are two companies focused on merchandising and activity services (Bireysel Tanıtım and EKOM Tanıtım) and another company focused on POSM logistics and warehousing (Transpop).

We have a strong presence in the direct marketing industry thanks to the smart solutions and software we have developed specifically for the FMCG and retail sectors, as well as the value-added services we offer.

Based in Istanbul with regional offices in Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Izmir, and Samsun, and field sales agents in 81 provinces across Turkey, we have been supporting our business partners for 30 years and continue to create value for them.