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Our Sustainability Efforts

Every year in Turkey, thousands of tons of CO2 are emitted by trucks. It would take billions of trees to offset these emissions. At Transpop, we are committed to making our logistics services sustainable in order to leave a livable planet for future generations.

 To that end, we have implemented the following initiatives:

– Correct Matching & Shared Transport: We operate our trucks as efficiently as possible to minimize transport emissions. We optimize loads and increase efficiency by increasing the occupancy rate of return loads.

– Warehouse Usage: We focus on the efficient use of electricity, water, and heating in our warehouses across Turkey. We design our warehouses to take advantage of natural light, use sensor-activated lighting, and regularly make savings plans.

– Environmentally Friendly Fleet: We replace vehicles in our fleet with environmentally friendly options and reduce our carbon footprint by using low-capacity, eco-friendly trucks and vehicles for intercity transportation.

– Digital Solutions: With our PSM (Produce My Stand) and WMS (Where is My Stand) digital applications, we aim to produce only what is needed and extend the lifespan of the products we transport by monitoring them in the field. Our software also helps us reduce the use of printed documents and complete our processes with digital signatures.

– Waste Management: We dispose the logistics materials we use in an environmentally responsible way, recycling scrapped pallets, paper, and plastics and giving them to accredited companies. We also reuse solid materials through reverse recycling.

– Re-stand: We repair our clients’ stands that are no longer in use and reuse them in different areas by converting them.

– Team with High Environmental Awareness: We provide regular trainings to all our team members to increase environmental awareness and share our environmental policy with them. We also keep them informed about our sustainability activities.