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HR Policy

HR Policy


At EKOM Group, we believe that people are the heart of our organization and each of our employees is highly valued. We prioritize creating a positive work environment for our employees, supporting their personal and professional development, and increasing their productivity.

In our hiring process, we look for individuals who are honest, reliable, transparent, success- and development-oriented, team-oriented, quality-conscious, highly loyal, committed to their values, innovative, and able to create added value. We prioritize internal candidates for open positions and focus on finding employees who align with our values.

As part of our HR policy, we aim to place our employees in roles where they can utilize their full potential, be productive, and create added value. By ensuring that our employees are well-suited to their tasks and understand their contributions, we are able to easily achieve our business goals.

Our managers and HR team conduct fair evaluations of the qualifications required by each job, the skills of our employees, and their performance. We transparently communicate to our employees the expectations of their managers and teammates.

We continuously improve our organizational structure to be agile and adaptable to change and development. We view change as an opportunity and nurture the innovation process through our HR practices. We take a customer-oriented approach as a foundation for our work, and we collaborate to create sustainable projects that support development.

We adhere to Occupational Health and Safety regulations to provide a safe working environment for our employees. At the same time, we strive to create a reliable and fair work environment that allows for a balance between work and personal life.

The HR policy for all companies within the EKOM Group is consistent, although HR practices may vary based on the needs of each company.